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Subject Departments Call Numbers Library Liaison Review Period Items in Subject All Review Items All Review Percent Unique Review Items Unique Review Percent Review List All Items in Subject
Anatomy, Physiology, Medicine & NursingPhysical Therapy & NursingQM-QP,RD-RZVirginia CairnsPhase 4: Spring 20128105155519.2%88210.9%
All Items in Subject
Biology and Natural HistoryBiology & Environmental ScienceQH-QL,TDValarie AdamsPhase 4: Spring 201292152953.2%20%
All Items in Subject
Computer ScienceComputer ScienceQA75.5-76.95Jason GriffeyPhase 4: Spring 201225881124.3%301.2%
All Items in Subject
Criminal JusticeCriminal JusticeHV6001-9960Andrea SchurrPhase 4: Spring 2012384457314.9%45411.8%
All Items in Subject
EconomicsEconomicsHB-HDColleen HarrisPhase 4: Spring 20122031914096.9%2181.1%
All Items in Subject
EducationEducationLBeverly KutzPhase 4: Spring 20122315719168.3%2361%
All Items in Subject
English (American Literary Studies)EnglishPS1-700Theresa LiedtkaPhase 4: Spring 201234821273.6%00.0%
All Items in Subject
English (British Literature)EnglishPRBo BakerPhase 4: Spring 2012202485602.8%270.1%
All Items in Subject
English (Linguistics and Literature)EnglishP,PN1-1551,PN3311-4698,PN6010-6790,PZMike BellPhase 4: Spring 201283134745.7%1401.7%
All Items in Subject
Foreign Languages (German/Nordic Language and Lit)Foreign LanguagesPD,PF,PTMelanie DunnPhase 4: Spring 20122586542.1%150.6%
All Items in Subject
LawCriminal JusticeKAndrea SchurrPhase 4: Spring 2012666598014.7%5858.8%
All Items in Subject
MathematicsMathematicsQA1-75,QA77-939Sarla MurgaiPhase 4: Spring 20128084114114.1%7909.8%
All Items in Subject
Military ScienceROTC & HistoryU-VMike BellPhase 4: Spring 20121886
All Items in Subject
Political Science & Human Services ManagementPolitical ScienceJ,HXColleen HarrisPhase 4: Spring 2012126748937%1351.1%
All Items in Subject
Recreation & Sports MedicineHealth & Human PerformanceGV,RC1200-1245Virginia CairnsPhase 4: Spring 2012372442011.3%792.1%
All Items in Subject
ReferenceAllRef A-ZMike BellPhase 4: Spring 20121772413127.4%10736.1%
All Items in Subject
Sciences (general)AllQMike BellPhase 4: Spring 2012301536512.1%1374.5%
All Items in Subject
Social Sciences (general)AllHMike BellPhase 4: Spring 201216931599.4%472.8%
All Items in Subject
Social WorkSocial WorkHV1-5840Virginia CairnsPhase 4: Spring 201233913018.9%772.3%
All Items in Subject
SociologySociology, Anthropology, & GeographyGR-GT,HM-HN,HS-HTPriscilla SeamanPhase 4: Spring 201278044886.3%420.5%
All Items in Subject
StatisticsAllHAMike BellPhase 4: Spring 201273112016.4%405.5%
All Items in Subject
AccountingAccounting & FinanceHF5601-5770Lane WilkinsonPhase 3: Fall 201122081536.9%331.5%All Items in Subject
AdvertisingMarketingHF5801-6201Lane WilkinsonPhase 3: Fall 201138171.8%00.0%All Items in Subject
AnthropologySociology, Anthropology, & GeographyGNPriscilla SeamanPhase 3: Fall 20111701402.4%00.0%All Items in Subject
English (Individual Authors and their Works, American and Canadian)EnglishPS701-9999Mike BellPhase 3: Fall 2011163966413.9%890.5%All Items in Subject
Film, Radio, TVAllPN1865-1999Bo BakerPhase 3: Fall 20111744311.8%10.1%All Items in Subject
FinanceAccounting & FinanceHG,HJLane WilkinsonPhase 3: Fall 201161523075%90.1%All Items in Subject
Foreign Languages (Multiple Languages and Literatures)Foreign LanguagesPB-PC,PG-PM,PQMelanie DunnPhase 3: Fall 2011158154753%1350.9%All Items in Subject
GeographySociology, Anthropology, & GeographyG-GFPriscilla SeamanPhase 3: Fall 20112291743.2%241%All Items in Subject
GeologyPhysics, Geology, & AstronomyQEValarie AdamsPhase 3: Fall 20116037101016.7%93515.5%All Items in Subject
History (North & South America)HistoryF975-3800Mike BellPhase 3: Fall 20112372974.1%170.7%All Items in Subject
History (US)HistoryE,F1-974Mike BellPhase 3: Fall 20112139115577.3%3491.6%All Items in Subject
Library and Information ScienceLibraryZTheresa LiedtkaPhase 3: Fall 201147342124.5%992.1%All Items in Subject
ManagementManagementHE-HF5573Lane WilkinsonPhase 3: Fall 201166723885.8%711.1%All Items in Subject
Nursing & MedicalPhysical Therapy & NursingQR,R-RC1160Virginia CairnsPhase 3: Fall 20118171175621.5%126315.5%All Items in Subject
Technology (general)AllTJason GriffeyPhase 3: Fall 2011150217711.8%805.3%All Items in Subject
ArtArtN,TR,TTPriscilla SeamanPhase 2: Spring 2011118704243.6%310.3%All Items in Subject
ClassicsForeign Languages & HistoryPAMelanie DunnPhase 2: Spring 201132981123.4%341%All Items in Subject
Engineering (electrical)EngineeringTKSarla MurgaiPhase 2: Spring 2011291665222.4%59620.4%All Items in Subject
English (Writing & Language)EnglishPEColleen HarrisPhase 2: Spring 201125841214.7%150.6%All Items in Subject
General ReferenceAllAVirginia CairnsPhase 2: Spring 201141611443.5%1162.8%All Items in Subject
General Reference - Rand PamphletsAllAS36.R-AS36.WVirginia CairnsPhase 2: Spring 20113432289284.3%272379.3%All Items in Subject
Home EconomicsInterior Design, Health & Human PerformanceTXMike BellPhase 2: Spring 2011106327726.1%20719.5%All Items in Subject
MusicMusicMSteve CoxPhase 2: Spring 201118020550.3%320.2%All Items in Subject
PhysicsPhysics, Geology, & AstronomyQCValarie AdamsPhase 2: Spring 20114430109324.7%81018.3%All Items in Subject
ReligionPhilosophy & ReligionBL-BXLane WilkinsonPhase 2: Spring 20111481110076.8%4873.3%All Items in Subject
Theatre & DramaTheatre & EnglishPN1560-1861,PN2000-3307Bo BakerPhase 2: Spring 201124131345.6%341.4%All Items in Subject
Women & Gender StudiesWomen's StudiesHQAndrea SchurrPhase 2: Spring 2011509081015.9%50710%All Items in Subject
AgricultureBiology & Environmental ScienceSValarie AdamsPhase 1: Fall 2010184219310.5%1478%All Items in Subject
AstronomyPhysics, Geology, & AstronomyQBValarie AdamsPhase 1: Fall 2010113719817.4%16314.3%All Items in Subject
ChemistryChemistryQDSarla MurgaiPhase 1: Fall 2010369163117.1%55515%All Items in Subject
CommunicationCommunicationPN4699-5650Bo BakerPhase 1: Fall 2010123213210.7%715.8%All Items in Subject
EngineeringEngineeringTA-TC,TE-TJ,TL-TP,TSSarla MurgaiPhase 1: Fall 20109136194921.3%165818.1%All Items in Subject
History (World)HistoryC-DMike BellPhase 1: Fall 201025630303611.8%16476.4%All Items in Subject
PhilosophyPhilosophy & ReligionB-BD,BH-BJLane WilkinsonPhase 1: Fall 201075106198.2%3364.5%All Items in Subject
PsychologyPsychologyBFBeverly KutzPhase 1: Fall 2010630589414.2%67410.7%All Items in Subject